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Carolee J. Friday,

Fine Art Photography

I hold Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and Spanish from the University of New Mexico along with a Masters of Business Administration from the the University of Phoenix. So where did Photography come from? Well, from my soul.

Fine Art Photography is my passion. It is my calling. I am the photographer who is to show the world the history, devotion, beauty, tradition, and whimsy of my native land.

I first fell in love with black and white film photography and began documenting Catholic traditions in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. Transitioning to iPhone photography, I completed a series of flowers and plants native to New Mexico. Along the way, I developed my eye and found beauty even in the common things. From horses and birds to iconic New Mexico landscapes, my photography evolved from niche to multidisciplinary. Today, I shoot with an arsenal of Nikon gear.

As a student and performing artist of Mexican Folklórico dance and a past Santa Fe Fiesta Queen, I believe my Hispanic heritage and culture are vital to my art; both performance and visual.

My work has exhibited in galleries throughout northern and central New Mexico. I have also shown with Xanadu Gallery/Scottsdale, New York Center for Photographic Arts, Jadite Gallery/New York, Red Dot Miami, and LA Art Show.

I am a juried artist of the New Mexico Contemporary Hispanic Market and sit on the artist-run board. Carolee J Friday Fine Art Photography is a participant in the New Mexico True program which certifies quality, care, and craftsmanship behind products and artwork that are authentically New Mexican. 

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